Welcome to Just Press Play

Just Press Play offers a wide range of services, from a basic TV hookup to wiring your entire home. We can mount your television on the wall, over your fireplace, or hang it from your ceiling. We can place speakers throughout your home or office, allowing you to enjoy music wherever you please. We can design and build your own personal movie theater, or integrate one into your existing room. We can hide your equipment out of sight in a cabinet or a closet, and program a universal remote that will control all of your equipment and most importantly be easy to use.

We take pride in designing modern, flexible wiring plans that handle HDTV, music and home integration indoor and out. We keep up to date on the latest methods and technologies with constant training and research to provide you with the best systems for your home. Our designs anticipate future upgrades, system expansion, as well as the most current wiring for state of the art integrated HDTV and sound.

Experts at wire concealment we work hard to ensure your system performs to its full potential without sacrificing your room's personal style. No one wants to see speaker wires or video cables out in plain sight. We can conceal these wires, leaving you with a neat, clean, finished appearance. Unlike most big box retailers we can even hide the power cable, eliminating any unsightly cords.

Are you interested in a flat panel television or home theater project, but not sure where to begin? Do you already know what you want, but not sure what needs to be done to obtain your desired result? We can come to your home or business and help you design a system that blends your unique needs as well as your budget. We can even help you select the right equipment. We are dedicated to making sure your home theater experience is the best that it can be. The consultation takes approximately half an hour, and for your convenience we offer evening and weekend appointments.