What We Can Do For You

What We Can Do For You
What We Can Do For You2018-05-31T10:28:06-04:00

Just Press Play specializes in custom entertainment solutions. Not every home or workplace is the same, and because of that it is hard for us to offer “cookie cutter” pricing. We generally recommend a site survey on some of the more involved systems. For a basic installation, please contact us for an estimate by email or give us a call. By answering some simple questions of where you would like your equipment and describing the surrounding area, we can generally give you an accurate idea of the costs and what needs to be done.


We offer all types of television installations. On the wall, over your fireplace, in the corner or from your ceiling. We use a variety of different brackets, and can hide all of your wiring in almost any situation. We also offer motorized solutions to conceal your television when not in use.


We can add surround sound system to practically any room. We can mount your speakers in or on the wall, place them on stands, in or on the ceiling, etc. We will work with you to design a setup that not only sounds great, but looks good as well.


We can install speakers throughout your home or place of business so you can enjoy your music anywhere you like. We offer solutions from Sonos and Autonomic that can play different things simultaneously in separate areas. These systems are controlled wirelessly with your smart phone or tablet, and can even be operated by voice command systems like Amazon’s Alexa ®.


We offer a variety of outdoor entertainment solutions, ranging from surface mount loudspeakers to systems that blend in with your landscape. Weatherproof televisions, underground subwoofers, even waterproof remote controls!


We offer several control systems to that not only consolidate all of your remotes onto one, but will also make your system much easier to use. Some of our remotes allow you to control equipment that is out of sight such as inside a cabinet or closet. We use remotes that work with all brands of equipment, providing you with a truly universal solution.


We recommend Lutron for all of your lighting needs. These systems can be programmed for a range of activities, from something as simple as turning your porch light on at sunset to illuminating certain areas when you come home after hours, so you aren’t walking into a dark house. They can be operated manually like a traditional system, controlled by your smart phone or tablet, and even systems like Amazon’s Alexa ®. Lutron offers a wide variety of colors and finishes for switches, wall plates, plugs, and we can even do custom colors for that perfect finishing touch.


We offer camera systems that allow you to remotely monitor your home or place of business in high definition. These systems are easily viewed on a smartphone or tablet from anywhere you have internet access. In many instances we can upgrade your older cameras to a new high definition system using your existing wiring.


We can install a projection setup or personal theater in almost any environment, complete with surround sound and theater seating. We offer a variety of screen options, projectors, and complete surround systems to enhance your cinema experience. For added excitement, our “Buttkicker” transducers can even bring the feeling of the action right into your personal theater.